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Back Injury Among Healthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions, and Impacts

William Charney, Consultant, Camino Island, Washington, USA
Anne Hudson, Consultant, Coos Bay, Oregon



About the editors:

William Charney, pioneer of Lift Team and Zero Lift methodologies, forwards discussion of the epidemic of back injury caused by manual patient handling and offers solutions demonstrated to reduce back injuries to healthcare workers and related costs to employers.

Anne Hudson, forced out of her career as a hospital floor nurse by a work-related spinal injury, warns nurses of hazards with patient lifting, and potential impact to career from back injury. She strives to speak for back-injured nurses who have no voice and no advocate.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Back Injury among Healthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions, and Impacts will go directly to Work Injured Nurses Group USA (WING USA), to further efforts for information, mutual support, and advocacy for injured nurses.

About the Book:
Back injury among healthcare providers is an increasingly visible issue in the occupational health and safety arena. This book presents the latest research and information on this topic from an epidemiological,

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legal, and equipment manufacturing point of view. Using case histories from a number of injured healthcare workers, the book analyzes back injuries from the worker's point of view and gives a detailed discussion of the legal and rehabilitation pitfalls that workers face when dealing with an injury. The author compares US and international regulations for prevention and rehabilitation and explores scientific strategies to prevent future problems.

Key Features:
  • Analyzes the topic of healthcare back injury from an epidemiological point of view.
  • Provides case studies from actual injured nurses.
  • Compares US and International regulations and approaches to back injuries.

  • Includes strategies for future prevention with information on how healthcare facilities can create safe work environments to prevent disabling back injuries.

Short Table of Contents:

Chapters include:

  • Overview of Back Injury Problem
  • Hallu Motion
    Hallux is no longer a problem!

  • Biodynamics of Back Injury
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Zero Lift in Healthcare
  • Lift Teams to Prevent Injury
  • Bariatrics
  • Proper Ergonomic Design of Hospitals
  • Ceiling Lift Success Data
  • Nursing Shortage and Back Injury
  • Worker Control to Reduce Back Injury
  • 15 Stories by Back Injured Workers

This book is a comprehensive coverage of back injury in healthcare with appendices of guidelines, equipment and technology, and policies and procedures. The authors have provided information that is ready for implementation.

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