Work Injured Nurses Group USA Announcement

February 3, 2015

Dear WING USA Friends,

After retiring from my nursing career over a year ago, it is now time to step down from my volunteer work as founder of Work Injured Nurses Group USA (WING USA).

Also, the WING USA website has suffered major issues and is down. Most distressing has been infiltration of lewd language into the website, stray remnants of outdated pages from the website remaining in cyber-space, and hundreds of feedback quotes and dozens of stories by injured nurses and healthcare workers no longer posted online.

My story is still available in these books:

Back Injury Among Healthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions, and Impacts

Depraved Indifference: the Workers’ Compensation System

Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety, 2nd edition

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care
, 6th edition and 7th edition (spring 2015)

Getting to know and work with so many of you over many years now has been rewarding and such a great pleasure. Being part of the overwhelming progress for safe patient handling in the country is very gratifying indeed.

But many back injured nurses and health care workers are still being thrown under the bus. Though long hidden, the problem is now widely publicized. In fact, NPR’s Daniel Zwerdling is starting a four-week series tomorrow, February 4, 2015, called “Injured Nurses,” to run every Wednesday in February 2015 on All Things Considered and

I often receive requests from journalists, researchers, etc., for help contacting nurses and healthcare workers who have suffered injuries lifting patients and subsequent losses.

Just today, February 3, 2015, I had email from Andrew Perez with Public Citizen who is working on a piece about health care worker safety and would like to connect with people who have suffered injuries in the workplace. If that’s you, and you’d like to tell your story, please contact Andrew Perez directly at – thanks much!

The need remains great for a campaign by nurse organizations, public health, and other safety and health folks to integrate retention in non-lifting nurse positions into the SPH movement.

So, I’ll be leaving such efforts to advocate for back-injured nurses and HCWs to others to take up the cause.

Much gratitude and very warm wishes to each of you. All best…Anne

Anne Hudson, RN, BSN
February 3, 2015
Founder, Work Injured Nurses Group USA (WING USA)
Co-editor with William Charney Back Injury Among Healthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions, and Impacts
Coos Bay, Oregon